Whipping Cream 500ml

UHT sterilized liquid cream, 35.1% fat


Président UHT Whipping Cream is the result of more than 70 years of research and continuous

improvement in quality control. Whipping and reducing to perfection, it is the reliable choice for high quality


  • Very good whipping performance, giving high and consistent yield for well-developed whipped creams.
  • Excellent cold performance; holds up for 48 hours in a cold environment without weeping.
  • Creates smooth, stable whipped creams.
  • Ideal for creating smooth ice creams, chocolates and ganaches with a glossy finish and melting texture.
  • Its aromatic freshness is a perfect base for flavours.

Cream (MILK), MILK proteins, stabilisers (E407)

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Whipping Cream

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